No matter if it your birthday, a romantic anniversary or a revel colleagues reunion, GWC team is well prepared to make it a great memory in a lifetime for you. Our dedicated catering team will mesmerize your dream to live. Be the first one to own this hidden charm venue before it becomes commercial for everyone, our teams attempt to ensure every worth moment will make your subtle dining turn to the wonderful ones.

siem reap best coffee


If you ever dreamt to dine with your beloved an unforgettable one, now the special opportunity is coming to make it live. Indulge yourself and your beloved one in the most wonderful night, lined with the romantic candles’ light whilst being pampered and the brisk service by our lovely teams.

Every moment, you and your loved one share with us is guaranteed that the memories will last forever.

siem reap best coffee


Just a happy birthday song won’t worth the true meaning of your one-year-growth. Indulge yourself with your loved one and friends create the memorable memories in the most fascinated night. Ready to make a wish? The candles already putting on the cakes ready to blow and make your magical wish.

Siem Reap Restaurant

Family & Colleagues Reunion

We all have to accept that time flies very quickly and unconsciously, at times we wish it could recede to the great time we had together. Grill Wine Café bright team will help you to rekindle the old memoire for you and your colleague, classmate or family member. We believe only proper planning and executing can ensure the great success of your special event and here you can leave it with us.